Hope Is Not a Method


Almost since the beginning of human civilization, there has always been a strong connection
between the military and commerce. There are many similarities between a military unit and a
business. For example – both have a mission statement, both must make the best use of the
technology available and both have rivals to contend with and “Defeat”. When it comes to large
firms there is also a similarity regarding the number of personals. There is also much to learn
about running a business from personal experience in the military, as explained by two former
US army generals in the book “Hope Is Not a Method”.
A recent study (May 2011) done by the SBA Office of Advocacy showed that military veterans
are at least 45 percent more likely to become entrepreneurs than those who didn’t serve in the
military. According to the latest data available from the US Census Bureau (From 2007),
veterans owned 9 percent of all businesses in the US (2.4 million), which employed around 6
million people and generating over 1.2 trillion dollars. Furthermore, the study found that
veterans with 20+ years of service had higher rates of self-employment and that officers are the
most inclined to become self-employed.