Hershel Jackson, Founder of Vets Victory Incorporated, a 501c3 organization, joined the Navy
at age 17, he was a communications technician with Top-Secret Crypto-Clearance. He was
stationed in Sangley Point and San Miguel, PI in 1956 – 1958, then was assigned the remainder
of his tour in Washington D.C (1958 – 1959). After two years in the reserves, he was officially
Honorably Discharged in 1962 as Communications Technician 3rd Class. He received a BS in
Management in 1975; he went on to receive his Master’s degree in Organizational
Management in 1998. He retired in 2009 from the State Department as the Information Officer
and the Information Security Officer.
After serving 24 years, with Civil Service and being a disabled veteran, while working at the VA
in Dallas, he saw firsthand the terrific needs of our veterans as they return from their service.
As a veteran, he realized how difficult it is to obtain the right information in a reasonable time
frame in order to receive the help needed. He came up with the idea for Vets in
order to empower and support Veterans that truly deserve to know that the sacrifice they shared
with our country was not in vain. He has incorporated many partners and leaders to develop his
vision and to bring Vets Victory to fruition. His Vision is to enable Veterans and their family to reenter
society with the tools and resources needed to function at a fair capacity. He envisions
providing valuable information in the fields of Education, Job Placement, Career Enhancement,
and Medical Treatment for PTSD and much more.